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Banker's Holiday

Banker's Holiday

  • Written by Barry Ollman, 2010
  • Produced by Barry Ollman and Dave Beegle
  • Engineered by Dave Beegle, Dawghouse Studios, Loveland, Colorado
  • Acoustic guitars, mandolin, and vocals, Barry Ollman
  • Bass guitar, electric guitar, and maracas, Garry Tallent
  • Slide guitar, and Hammond B3, Dave Beegle
  • Drums, Christian Teele

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    "A group called Adbusters first introduced the hashtag
    #occupyWallStreet, in a July 13, 2011 blog post."

    Fourteen months earlier, in April of 2010, I wrote and began to record Banker's Holiday, out of my personal disgust for what the greed of a relatively small group of people was able to do to our entire economic system, all the while making colossal fortunes for themselves...

    I had been reading Woody Guthrie's great semi-autobiographical novel Bound For Glory and I just kept thinking that our new social and economic reality is what at least some music ought to be talking about these days!

    As the song began to take shape I recorded a quick demo in my home studio. I liked the basic flow of ideas but my first version felt a bit too folky (not that there's anything wrong with folky!) and less pissed off than I actually was. After playing it for my wife, Judy, and my brothers I realized I would have to dig a little deeper if this song was to feel like what it says.

    I went into Dave Beegle's Dawghouse Studios and things started to come together. We got some strong acoustic guitar tracks going and then Christian Teele contributed his exciting drum tracks. Dave suggested a few crucial chord changes. I had been messing around with a bass part but it felt a little too predictable for my taste so I called my friend Garry Tallent, founding member and 40 year bass player for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, great player and producer in his own right, and he said "Banker's Holiday... great title! I'll give it a go". Anyone who knows Garry is well aware that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of Rock, Soul, R & B and most other forms of music so I knew the tune would be in good hands. As it turned out, Garry's approach to the song was much different than mine had been, thus helping me avoid what Dave calls the "one man bland syndrome", and I really love the feel that he created for the groove on this track. He played his Jerry Jones Longhorn bass for those of you keeping track at home. I'm very grateful to Garry for playing on this and three other songs of mine. You've got to understand, it's encouraging for a newcomer like me...

    One more thank you to my friend Bill Keithler for helping me see the obvious... my working title for the song had been "Walking The Streets" until Bill heard it, thought about the lyrics, and said "why don't you call it Banker's Holiday?" Bingo!

    It takes a village...

    In summary:
    If you like this one, pass it around. And give to your local foodbank...